Use Us As Your Company

By joining us You give Yourself an alternative form of acting as an entrepreneur.
You continue to independently manage your own contracts, sell your services and manage your customer relationships according to your plan. We act as your responsible partner who represents and charges the customer on your behalf.

So that you can concentrate on doing the job, we concentrate on being Your Company!

Here are some samples of our current contracts:

-AD working and living in Finland without a company, possibility to participate in a project in Spain. Needs to have a company to charge the project from Spanish client and also able to control the money received.

-DJ having a gig in Italy, needs to have a company to create the agreement and to invoice the night club. DJ also needs to have a place to save the money without income Tax, more gigs to come all over the world.

-Company outside EU needs to have a fast access to EU Business region. Clients already exist, but problem to establish a company and account. Needs to have a company to hire sales people.

Control Of The Business

Because our cooperation is based on a personally-agreed service, we will make a KYC (Know Your Customer) survey as well as familiarize with your expertise. This will happen (contact and basic info) by phone (SMS, MMS) and ultimately with live video conversations.

Please Note that our Business will come out in the future as our own “Manpower” application. There you can identify, create cooperation and billing agreements and register as a member fast and!

Unfortunately, because some industries are not treated equally regarding billing, taxation and registration (insurance, employer, employee) of different countries, we will handle each application separately and tell you what options you have if you can`t directly work using our service.

Please contact us, hopefully we will be your company!